Why NaaS Hong Kong?

Electric Vehicle Charger

The installation of charging piles is not yet popular in Hong Kong, but we are committed to establishing a more complete EV Charging network. We mainly install ev charger in Hong Kong housing estate parking lots, striving to increase the number of EV Chargers and reduce the waiting time of electric vehicle owners. You can easily charge your car through the EV Charger.

Our services

Electric vehicle charger installation solution

The EV Charge solution we provide is highly flexible and convenient. Even if the original parking space does not support EV charging, by installing our charging piles, every car owner can charge their EV at any time.

Why install ev chargers?

Charge anytime

We can help you install EV charging facilities in your parking space so that you can charge your electric vehicle at any time without having to worry about the parking space not supporting EV Charging.

Stable Power Supply

The ev Charger we installed in the parking spaces are equipped with an intelligent EV charging management system that can monitor and adjust charging efficiency, allowing car owners to use the ev Charger with peace of mind.

High Cost-effectiveness

Our EV Charger installation service meets the charging needs and frequency of Hong Kong electric vehicle owners. EV owners can choose an EV Charging monthly fee plan that suits them based on their usage habits, and enjoy high-quality EV charging services at the best price.

EV Charger Coverage

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Advantages of installing EV Charger

Property owners committees and EV owners can achieve a win-win situation

Property Management Committees

EV owners


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