Charging Plan For Rental Parking Spaces

Charging Plan For Rental Parking Spaces

Parking lot charging solution

  • Provide a full range of charging infrastructure, including ev charger setup, management system, and user support
  • Easily integrate charging services to bring more traffic to your parking lot
  • Zero cost and high return

Zero cost and high return

  • The solution does not require you to invest additional costs
  • Through the sharing economy model, you can easily earn income per charge and achieve high returns

Professional technical support

  • We have extensive experience in charging infrastructure technology to ensure smooth setup and operation
  • Regular maintenance and upgrades ensure long-term stable operation of ev charger

Features of Charging Plan For Rental Parking Spaces

Intelligent monitoring system

The electric vehicle charging piles installed in the housing estate are equipped with an intelligent charging management system that can monitor the usage of the ev charger and automatically adjust the charging speed and time to ensure maximum charging efficiency and accurately calculate the charging time to reduce the waiting list of car owners.

Maintenance Fees Included

We provide regular repair and maintenance services. If the charging pile is damaged due to non-human factors, we will bear the maintenance costs.

Load Management System

The load management system is calculated and designed by qualified and licensed electrical engineers, which can safely and effectively balance the system load and improve energy efficiency.

Superior Customer Service

We provide superior customer support, ready to assist you with any issues at any time.

Our customer service team provides assistance around the clock, allowing you to charge easily and enjoy your electric vehicle journey
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